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I got burned out

It has been a few weeks since I have written for the blog. Because I am home with a burn-out. It took me long enough to admit to it. The burn-out had been there for weeks, maybe even months. Only I couldn’t stop; we needed the financial support that my job provided. This is aContinue reading “I got burned out”


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About Me

Hello, I’m Serena.
I am a first-time mom to a lovely boy, Wife of one amazing husband, and cat mother of two funny, cute cats who have been with us for a few years.
Recently I got diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, and I am still figuring it all out.
I started this blog to write down my thoughts, days, and everything I experienced while being a mother, me, and more.

For some extra information, I’m dutch and live in the Netherlands.
My autism and ADHD are my own; they make me, me. I’ve found that I see things differently and do things differently than others might. I also know that my ADHD and autism aren’t the same as others. I’m somewhere on the spectrum, and even if you or someone you know are on the same spot, it still doesn’t mean that my autism and my way of looking at life are the same as yours or theirs. As I said before, my autism is my own. My history and upbringing made me who I am, all mixed in with autism and ADHD. My life experiences gave me tools to navigate life to this point and further.

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I will try to post on Wednesday and on Sundays, or when my mood struck. Or when my little boy gives me the time to write.

If you like to know more, read this post and find out who I am. Other than only a mom with autism, Because I am so much more!