A snippet from Friday.

My AJ free day.
We (the husband and I) had discussed a month or two back how to give me a relaxing day or my not-mom-day. So I can recharge and get some energy back. This all helps me to take better care of AJ.

At first, I felt guilty, now I feel relaxed and I even look forward to days/moments like these. Because I know they’ll help me to be a better mom. And like today, they allow me to get some “internal” lists cleared. Which gives me so much rest, I love doing those lists.

Because today, I ended up moving my workplace from inside the house back to the luxe shed/office. Without worrying if I might wake up AJ or if he wakes up while I’m holding a heavy desk. I also got the dining table back in the house and the chairs. Everything is switched back again. I got some tutorials done, did laundry or two, and read for an hour or so. Which meant I’ve had a super relaxed day.

I got the chance to recharge, and AJ had a busy day at Grandpa. I always love it when he comes home, even if he’s fast asleep. The few seconds of me cuddling him before I’ll transfer him to his bed are amazing.

Still, I’m excited for next week and AJ’s first hours at the daycare. Which I’m also too nervous for.


Published by Serena Nova

Hello, I'm a new author in this world. I'm an Indie author, and this is what I do in my daily life. The weird conversations I have with my computer, cats, and boyfriend. How I process all the things that happen around me and how it all goes. Greets

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