Finally, I’m back.

You haven’t heard from me for some time. The biggest reason why was that I didn’t have my full Grammarly account and I do not have the confidence to write and post without it. English is my second language, as Dutch is my first. And it isn’t so perfect that I trust my own writing. I got that problem with Dutch as well… *chuckles*
So after a few weeks of also being busy and not really knowing how to ask my husband to get Grammarly for a year again, I finally asked it.
Which is the easiest way to get an answer and know where you stand, in this case with Grammarly.

The other reasons were mostly being a parent. Trying to find the balance in this all and also some miscommunication or rather lack of it between me and my husband. Which meant a lot of frustration from both of our sides, and add Covid contamination, the flu, and last but not least the stomach flu to this all and you get bingo.

I’m planning on picking up the blogging more regularly from April, as my new schedule will start then. And I should have (keeping fingers crossed) more time to actually sit down. I do miss writing, story, or blogging, they both give me some peace of mind.

AJ’s doing amazing, And I do not want to say this out loud, but he’s been taking more steady naps for a few days, maybe a week already. This gives you so much free time in the day, time that also disappears in cleaning, eating and taking care of yourself and at last work. Trying to set up my graphic design business next to all the rest that’s going on in life is hard and every spare time I have goes to that. Except in the evenings, I’m still going for as much sleep as I can get. 9 PM is my best friend at the moment, as I’m almost always in bed by that time. I do get a lot of sleep, and AJ sleeps really well at night. But still, I’m not back to the energy levels I had before AJ.

I’ll be around more, hopefully with more snippets of the day, some bigger questions I ask myself and like to ramble about until I get the answer and experiences I get from being a mom, autistic, and myself.

If you like to keep updated make sure to follow (I think if you do that you get updates. Not the best with WordPress at the moment), Or just pop in from time to time. For those who already follow me, thank you. It makes me smile to know someone actually wants to follow my ramblings.

AJ woke up from nap one. Talk later.

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Hello, I'm a new author in this world. I'm an Indie author, and this is what I do in my daily life. The weird conversations I have with my computer, cats, and boyfriend. How I process all the things that happen around me and how it all goes. Greets

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