Finding out how to plan my new life

I’ll probably write a few of these blog posts as this will be a trial and error kind of learning. So some posts may contradict one another; I try to remember what I have written before and adjust or link posts to each other. Still human, so please be kind if I say a first and b later.

I never liked planning; it never worked out how I wanted it, which is hilarious as I plan every day, every second of a day in my mind. Every sound, smell, and sight triggers a new plan, a new possible way of how something could go. I do think I have at least four Apocalypse happening at the same time, all with different disasters. 🤣😅

I also have some ideas of how work can go today or how it would be if I get home from work—all for me to be prepared for the unexpected. Which never works out…. *face slap* it only works when I plan to read for the whole day. That’s an easy one. Lay in bed, read, and do not forget to pee and eat.

Really important those last two!

But I have started to plan, plan out my life. Set goals for a year, months, and quarters of a year. All thanks to a fantastic friend of mine! She is an author and a bloody good one too! But most of all, she is one of my dear friends who talked me through my shitty days and came with insights I had missed.

The thing that I figured out that kept me blocked, kept me from moving forward with the planning, was the words and the layout. I had already noticed that I could plan easier on my phone. I could move the appointments and notes around without having to erase them, which would have been a mess on a paper planner. So that helped, but I did miss the feel of pen on paper or the fact of using fun colors. So after she mentioned how well planning was working for her, I decided to figure out my way—still doing that.

The main thing I kept running into was the wording sometimes; you would have a box that said tomorrow. In my mind, that didn’t work because tomorrow was already filled. How can I add something when it couldn’t? It just didn’t work. But then something clicked, and the lightbulb went on. I changed the word from tomorrow to reschedule. Now I can just put it there and reschedule it when it fits, but I could also reschedule the next day or the whole week. So brain drama is avoided most of the time.

The second thing I noticed, and I think I have mentioned this before, is the harsh lines in the planners. I feel restricted to stay in those lines. So long appointments, details, or anything else can’t be placed there. Have thin lines or those excellent dotted papers! Help me to keep flexible but still plan my days or weeks.

Adding in some colors, and I am more than happy.

The other way I plan my household week is by using a whiteboard in the kitchen and some washi tape to make sections. Having a week written out, from Monday to Sunday, where I can put down the appointments from our schedule and the household chores beneath it to give me one glance look to what I want to do or need to do that day. It is truly helpful to make it our own but also to be flexible in changing things when they do not work!

I’m adding a dinner section, so my husband and I both know what we’ll eat and what to cook.

Yes, he has given in to a meal plan every week! Hopefully, it helps, gets us organized more, and save some grocery money as well as we wouldn’t be going to the store randomly or eating pasta for three days a week.

So wish me luck in trying to stick to this all! And hopefully, I get some time to write out what I do and how I do it in more detail when I get it all figured out! 😂

Published by Serena Nova

Hello, I'm a new author in this world. I'm an Indie author, and this is what I do in my daily life. The weird conversations I have with my computer, cats, and boyfriend. How I process all the things that happen around me and how it all goes. Greets

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