Seeing the world through his eyes

I’ve always wondered if what I see, do or say are correct or even normal. I’ve been aware of not being normal (and they are my own words, and how I felt in this world.) for my whole life. I always knew I was different; I never knew how or why until the diagnoses ofContinue reading “Seeing the world through his eyes”

A snippet from Thursday

27 January….. I do get scared, maybe too much. It’s not the kind of scared you are for a spider or something that makes your flight or fight instincts kick in. No, for me, it’s a scared or a fear that’s constant. Thoughts like, am I doing it alright, is this how it needs toContinue reading “A snippet from Thursday”

A snippet from Wednesday

26 January. Being a mom is already hard work; having the flu or, in my case, Corona doesn’t make it easier. And with my husband, who felt pretty sick the first few days, needing some extra love too. It wasn’t easy, especially when you wanted to give in and lay in bed all day. DoingContinue reading “A snippet from Wednesday”

A snippet from Sunday

16 January… I had planned on writing a lengthy post on Sundays and Wednesdays. But as you might figure out. This one will be short. I’m just too tired to write a lot, so I’m moving the topic I wanted to put down to tomorrow. It’s been a good Sunday, but a long one. AJContinue reading “A snippet from Sunday”

A snippet from Saturday

Saturday the 15th. They never told me that it would go through bone and marrow when your child would cry, that it would feel like being hit by a hundred hammers with spikes on them.I can handle crying when I know why. He hit his head or doesn’t want to sleep, but he’s tired. ButContinue reading “A snippet from Saturday”

When did I feel it all?

When did I feel like a mom? When did I feel the love? You hear people saying they are mothers or fathers when their baby arrives. That there’s this instant switch that flipped in their minds and “poof.” They are mom and dad. For me, it wasn’t like that. Of course, I was a motherContinue reading “When did I feel it all?”

Tiny Road Trip Time.

Going away used to be like this. “hey, let’s go somewhere.” You packed some things, brought with you whatever it was that you needed where you went, and you left. That was it. Now, when we want to leave, it goes more like this. “Do you grab that?” “Can you bring me those?” “Did you think about this?”  Two peopleContinue reading “Tiny Road Trip Time.”